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We are a company that produces songs and lyrics. Our expertise lies in creating customized music that brings emotions to life. Based in Budel, Netherlands, we are distinguished by our dedication to quality and creativity.

With a focus on artistic vision and professional craftsmanship, we go beyond production. We are a team of passionate musicians and producers working together to create unique and meaningful music experiences. Budel, the Netherlands, is our creative home base.


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Professional mixing & mastering for impeccable sound.

Professional mixing & mastering for impeccable sound.

From €200 per track

Music production with full songwringing

Top quality music production to bring your vision to life.

From €500 per track

All in one production/songwriting and advertising

All in project, from song to social promotion.

From €800 per project

Advertising your song

Advertising your song on socials. 

From €180 per project

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With more than 10 years of experience in the music industry, we can deliver high-quality productions that meet our clients' needs.


Our team consists of passionate professionals who strive for perfection in every production, allowing us to create truly unique and inspiring music.


We actively listen to our clients' needs and vision and work closely with them to bring their ideas to life, with the goal of ensuring complete satisfaction.


Our productions


What customers say about
in Budel

With the help of aandvproducers, we have had a great recording experience. They deliver quality work and make sure our vision comes to life in the music they produce. They are truly professional and knowledgeable!

Sophie van der Laan

Aandvproducers exceeded our expectations with their fantastic production skills. They really listened to our needs and delivered a final product that perfectly reflected our creative goals. We will definitely work with them again!

Jasper de Vries

I am tremendously impressed by the dedication and passion of aandvproducers Producers for their work. They really go above and beyond to make sure every detail is right and the client is satisfied. Thank you for a great collaboration!

Eva Janssen

Accreditaties & Garanties

Reliable Accreditation and Guarantees for Music Production Company

Our company is proud of its various accreditations and guarantees in the music production industry. We meet the highest standards and ensure quality and reliability in all our services.


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